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GA Upright Series

Fully automatic Chamfering, Peeling, Thread rolling, Drilling and End machining


The Akea GA Upright Series, is a machine series of highly productive fully automated metal processing machines with rotating tools.

The Upright concept ensures high flexibility and adjustability and there is no need for height adjustment of the part handling system when changing between different part diameters.

The operator interface for the machine is very intuitive and easy to operate. Setup time for changing between different products is minimal.

The machine series is developed for chamfering, peeling and thread rolling processes on tube, bar and rebar materials with automatic part handling integrated.

The machine can also be delivered as a double end machine where two machines are connected by the handling system enabling the system to automatically make double end machining on up to 12 m parts.

The series is customer configurable to handle material diameters from ø12mm to ø130mm with thread rolling operation from M12 up to M120.

Depending on customer needs, the machines can be delivered with a wide range of part handling systems. We also have high experience in delivering handling systems developed to handle parts directly from automated saws.

The machine is configurable with number of spindles, depending on customer processing demands.

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Process tools:
  • Chamfering
  • Peeling
  • Thread Rolling
  • End machining
  • Drilling
  • Facing
Configuration according to process demands
  • Spindles              : 1 to 4 (4-8)
  • Vices                    : 1  (2)
  • Thread rolling    : M12 up to M120
  • Part length         : 300mm to 12000mm
  • Output                : 30 to 150 parts/hour